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Welcome Shattered Fans to the Web page you didn't know Existed

I'd like to take a minute to extend a warm welcome to the 12 fans of our mildly unfamous short talk show that Mr. Yamauchi and myself put together over the past 2 years or so. None of our fans have pushed us as far as a web site as of yet, but because we love you all so much, we are doing it anyway, that and the fact that i have a major Project due for an HTML college Course Due as of December 1st 2008. Lucky for all of you That I have to pull this one off from scratch with no editor what so ever, you will toil on my mistakes Bwa ha ha ha haha. Anyway, back to the Matter at hand.when we created this show we had no idea we would make it as far as 100 views on However, we did just surpass 101 by the middle of last month in August. WOOO hoooo. So as a Dedication to Our Trimph and creativity, I present to You on Behalf of The Yamadiak films group ...